The Monumental Seville around TOBY eats the world: The Royal Tobacco Factory

We are sure that a large part of our Seville and foreign clients are aware of the incredible monumental catalogue around our restaurant, but often not all the curiosities of each monument are known. That’s why we like to dedicate a space in our blog to get a little closer to that wonderful snack in our history.

Today we will talk about the majestic building that housed the Royal Tobacco Factory, today converted into the seat of the rector of the University of Seville.

The Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville was the headquarters of the first tobacco factory established in Europe, a logical consequence since Seville was the city that held the monopoly with America through the Casa de Contratación.
The Royal Tobacco Factory began its productive activity in 1758, although more than a hundred years earlier there was another smaller factory in the vicinity of the Plaza de San Pedro.
Architecturally, it emphasizes his general scheme of Renaissance references, with Herrerian airs in his plant, patios and facades.

In the building you can distinguish two different areas, a first area that was dedicated specifically to the manufacturing activity of tobacco products and that occupied two thirds of the building and, on the other hand, an area that can be called palacial that included lobby, stores and homes.

The Royal Tobacco Factory was one of the stages of the opera “Carmen” by the French composer Georges Bizet (1838-1875), inspired by the homonymous novel by Prosper Mérimée.

Cigarreras de Sevilla
The Cigar makers (1912) Gonzalo Bilbao

This opera, set in Seville around 1820, is played by a beautiful gypsy cigar maker with a strong temperament, of which the corporal de guardia, José, falls head over heels in love. This madness of love leads him to the point of mutinying against his superior and joining as a deserter a group of smugglers. Finally, when Carmen’s attention changes to the bullfighter Escamillo, jealousy drives Don José to assassinate her.
Another of the beautiful stories that dot the tradition of Seville.
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