Tortiburger TOBY eats the world

TOBY eats the world in ABC Sevilla October 2018

The newspaper ABC of Seville talk about our new Tortiburger in this October 2018 article:

TOby eats the world ABC Sevilla

¡TOBY eats the world is always one step ahead!

Have not you tasted our new Tortiburger yet? It is juicy, innovative, fun, healthy. It is the authentic Tortiburger of TOBY eats the world. Do not wait any longer to come and taste it.

Accompany it with any of our 3 delicious sauces available: mayo sauce, traditional Ali Oli or the original Sausage Ali Oli!

A dish for young and old ones, carnivores and vegetarians, now and for a limited time at a great price with drink included!

And as always, if you have pets and you would like them to accompany you in your lunch or dinner, you can do it, because TOBY eats the world is the first PET FRIENDLY restaurant in Seville.

What are you waiting for? Do not let them to tell you.

Come to TOBY eats the world right now!