Tortiburger is here!

Tortiburger is here!
We had been announcing it during the summer and finally the time has come. TOBY eats the world presents a new dish, fun and spectacular: The Tortiburger!

The tasty union between the Spanish Mediterranean tradition and the North American one.

We have been preparing it with care, at a slow fire, studying every detail so that the mixture of ingredients is adequate and able to offer a juicy and succulent dish.
We are sure that it will be very well received by young and old and that is … who does not like a good spanish omelette!
And more when we are aware that we do not have a potato omelette, we have the world’s best spanish omelette in the world! For years we have been serving it and with a resounding success in our sister restaurant Uno de Delicias.
That is why we ask ourselves: What if we turn our great tortilla into a fun and unique dish with the touch of TOBY eats the world?
And so it was, with our wonderful spanish omelette adapted in size, thickness and shape as the basis of the new Tortiburger, we added bread, fresh onion, tomato, lettuce … And 3 tasty sauces to choose from!

Add sauce

When you order your Tortiburger, remember to season it with our delicious mayo sauce, with a delicious traditional Ali Oli or with the innovative Sausage Ali Oli! Mmmmm …

A complete plate and healthy. And for our many vegan customers it is another option to choose from our menu.
So you know, if you want to try our version of the Tortiburger, remember that it will be promotional at a great price with drinks included but only for a limited time Come before it’s over!

And if you still do not know us, you should know that TOBY eats the world is the first Pet Friendly restaurant in Seville, so if you want you can come accompanied by your pet.

See you soon! See you in that TOBY eats the world!