TOBY eats the world is the first Italian-american and PET FRIENDLY restaurant in Sevilla.

A new concept

TOBY eats the world is away from the classic restaurant concept.

Although the dishes may seem familiar to lovers of Italian-American cuisine, the choice of ingredients, the presentation of the specialties and the taste of the sauces will surprise you.

TOBY eats the world 
We invite you to order some delicious starters designed to be the best start to your meal. In our menu you will find potatoes with different types of sauce, Spanish cheese with raspberry jam, a healthy vegetables wok or a softy creamy croquettes.

If you prefer salad, we have fresh and different mixtures. We recommend smoked salmon, avocado, red onion, mozzarella and pips seasoned with honey and mustard sauce; or the smoked cod salad, eggplant tomato with basil sauce and parmesan; You can also order the tataki salad of Iberian prey with hummus or roasted chicken, bacon and apple with pink sauce. We assure you that any of them will be a success.

After opening your mouth, or accompanying your salad, you can taste our incredible single or double burgers of 100% veal with cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles or, if you prefer, risk your super-burger calamari burger, or the of extrajugoso pig.

If you prefer something lighter, you can savor our vegan burger, with red beans and beetroot, or the grilled chicken roast.

But our menu does not end here, we have a careful selection of Burritzzas , our rolling pizzas or served like a tower (yeah! … like a tower!)

To finish off a meal in style, you will find sweet desserts like our “Doble chococarlino" or the “Bodeguero de Queso".

And if you like, do not forget to taste a refreshing Pedigree , our exquisite home-made craft beer.

And much more…

And it is that TOBY eats the world is much more than a restaurant. We are proud to be the first restaurant PET FRIENDLY in the city, so you can come with your pet, to which we will receive with open arms and with a special gift for our four-legged friends, everything is said.

TOBY eats the world  is the first “Pet Friendly" restaurant in Seville.

For this, the space has been thoroughly studied, distributed and equipped to ensure the welfare of all diners and their pets. Visit us and check it with your own eyes.

 And more…

Although we have just opened our doors, TOBY eats the world already has many parallel activities, which will surely grow in the future. We are:

  • English coffee
  • Establishment Associated with BROMPTON Cycles.
  • Free WIFI
  • Reading space

You have already seen that TOBY eats the world  is much more than a restaurant. If you want to know us more , click here.