Dogfriendly en Sevilla

Dogfriendly spaces in Seville

Are you from Seville or are you going to visit the city and would you like to be accompanied by your pet? In this article we help to residents or tourists to find dogfriendly spaces in Seville.

The famous Spanish traveling dog Pipper on tour has already passed through Seville and visited our restaurant and other places that allowed hairy entry (More info:, but we will add some more to your list:

Culture and shopping dogfriendly in Seville

  • Delimbo: Behind this peculiar name we will find a gallery specialized in urban and contemporary art, which you can visit accompanied by your pet. In addition, in this gallery you can buy accessories for dogs, such as bracelets or rings designed exclusively for them.
  • La Importadora: In the same street as the previous one, Benito Perez Galdós, we find this fashion establishment that you can access with your dog, and it is possible that they even receive it with some cookies and a bowl of water to regain strength.
  • Hauríe: This modern art gallery founded in 1976 also allows access to dogs at its headquarters located in Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 9.
  • Cuqui Castellanos: Boutique focused on large firms and classic clothing in general, especially shoes, located on Rosario Street, 8.
  • El Búcaro: An amazing florist with more than 40 years of experience in Alfonso XII Street.
  • Petuso: If what you are looking for are accessories for your furry.

Dogfriendly hotels in Seville

If you need to stay in a hotel where they allow your pet to enter, the following list can help you:

Dogfriendly events in Seville: Surmascotas – FIBES Sevilla

The Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville has been hosting for some years an event dedicated specifically to pets, SurMascotas, the largest center of exhibition, adoption and sale of animals for professionals and pet lovers of Andalusia.

In the place numerous exhibitions, talks, canine monographs meet every year, even as it is necessary to carry out a correct grazing of sheep among other actions.

Dogfriendly restaurant in Seville

And how could it be otherwise, the best restaurant for you and your canine companion to live a wonderful experience in common is TOBY eats the world!

We are the first 100% dogfriendly restaurant in Seville.

We wait for you to enjoy our succulent menu and our amazing city.

See you soon!

TOBY eats the world.