Toby eats the world

When a picture is worth a thousand words

The girl in the picture is named Ana. But her name is not really important.

Is not important where she lives. And is not important to what she is dedicated to.

It is also not important that the photo is not completely framed or focused.

He came to TOBY eats the world with her boyfriend and her two beautiful dogs. That is really important.
How important is the happiness that it transmit. And how we love that this image is taken in our restaurant. In a restaurant designed and created specifically to capture images like this one of Ana and her faithful friend.

Today, curiously, just 9 months after our inauguration, TOBY eats the world is firmly established in the collective memory of Seville. Something we have done well when large groups of Spanish and foreigner people from all continents and cultures come to visit us. And when radio channels interview us. And when we appears in serious press media.

Thousands of people already know our existence and value having an open, comfortable Pet Friendly space at their disposal, accessible to people with reduced mobility, offering a more than well-stocked menu, and with the wonderful luck of being located at a nerve center of the city loaded with history, monumental beauty and an important degree of connection with means of public transport.

Today, the TOBY eats the world staff is excited to see how far we have come in such a short time and enjoy the warmth of your thanks and comments, we stop to see this image and we smile when we recognize that, today, we have achieved at least one of our main objectives. We do not have to say which one is. You just have to look at the picture.

A little over a year ago this image was only in our imagination, and although there were voices that made us doubt (“a restaurant where animals can enter? You’re crazy …“), we appreciate that our illusion was much greater than our weakness.

Because if it had not been like that, Ana could not have taken this picture, nor could she have shared it with us. Not with all of you.

And Seville would be a sadder place for our 4-legged friends and their families than it is today.

Thank you, Ana, for such a wonderful photo. And thanks to all who come to visit us.
A big hug to everyone. Do not forget to visit us. And, please, take beautiful photos and share with all of us.
See you soon!
The TOBY eats the world Staff.