Rich salads!!!

The heat has arrived and what better way to combat it than with fresh, fun, tasty dishes full of nutritional benefits such as salads.

A salad always feels good to the organism and if you have to continue with your daily activity even in the hottest hours it will never make you feel heavy, something that is always advisable when high temperatures are reached.

But it can happen that the true fans of the salad sometimes find a problem when they go out for lunch or dinner, and is that the salad list offered by many places is usually very classic in terms of the choice of ingredients and very repetitive in sauces and presentations.

In TOBY eats the world we are aware of this situation and in our eagerness to go further, we have created some innovative mixtures that shine for their originality and flavor.

Today, we can offer you 4 delicious specialties:


A seasonal vegetable salad with Vegetables, Black Olives and Quinoa with Honey and Orange Vinaigrette


Sprouts Salad with Smoked Cod, Chickpeas, Purple Onion and Orange. A party of flavor.


For those who want something more forceful. Tataki Salad of Iberian Presa, Humus, Fried Onion, Cherry Tomato with Mayonnaise and Soy Sauce


One of the most requested. Salad of Smoked Salmon, Red Onion, Mozzarella, Fried Bread, Pipes and Honey & Mustard Sauce

And remember that if you decide to taste one of our burgers, you do not have to give up accompanied by a delicious salad since in TOBY eats the world when you order a hamburger we always give you a choice between chips or salad.

So you know, if summer asks for green See you in TOBY eats the world!