English Café at TOBY eats the world

If you have visited TOBY eats the world it is very likely that you have noticed that we are something more than an old-fashioned restaurant.

When we started to work on the idea of ​​the business, at all times we wanted to include certain activities that made the visit to our restaurant a more complete and enriching experience. We loved the idea of ​​opening our space to certain types of actions that were not circumscribed just to go for an excellent aperitif, lunch or dinner.

Today, 3 months short of our inauguration, we take the opportunity to talk about one of these activities that take place in our premises: English Café meetings.

What is English Café?
English Café is a company that offers the possibility of learning English in small groups with qualified native teachers in charming places at very affordable prices. They provide personalized attention to the student adapting the program according to the objectives and the availability of time, either in small groups or in One to One format.

They propose very dynamic and personalized classes for the student to visualize an immediate return of their effort and also offer the possibility of attending companies since, among other things, they are an accredited organizing entity before the Tripartite Foundation.

If you go through TOBY eats the world in the middle of the afternoon, you can always see 2 or 3 groups working their English in a relaxed way attended by a teacher around an aromatic coffee.

So you know, if you are interested in this initiative and you want to learn English in a more friendly way than attending the strict academy classes, get in touch with the professionals of http://www.englishcafe.es and, who knows, maybe We can see you soon enter through the door of our store.

You’re always welcome to TOBY eats the world!