Gran Danés, one of the best burgers in Seville

It may seem presumptuous on our part, but the welcome that our Great Dane hamburger has among our select customers and the comments they make about it is leading us to believe that this is a culinary success.

A super-hamburger
It is the specialty of our letter with more followers, a fact that fills us with pride because it returns us the love we put into creating the recipe, although we hope you will be many and many more who come to taste our super-burger and savor its succulent and varied nuances.

And it is that this peculiar plate that was born, according to the connoisseurs, in a position of the port of Hamburg when a chef elaborated a fried sandwich of beef with a fried egg on top between two toasted breads, is possibly one of the most consumed foods worldwide. Its simplicity and comfort at the time of eating it, quickly made sailors and dock workers become unconditional of this dish. And from there the recipe traveled with the emigration to the rest of the world, especially to North America, from where it returned reinforced by great chains of restoration.

In the machine room of TOBY eats the world we wanted to round off that simple concept of meat sandwich creating an exquisite dish with 200 grs. of the best 100% beef, to which we add double ration of aromatic Cheddar cheese and crispy bacon on a vegetable bed based on lettuce, fresh onion, pickled cucumber and tomato, all seasoned with our special TOBY sauce.

Mmmmm! Simply delicious …

And to the taste of each diner, our service will give you the option to choose as a side dish of such a delicious feast a good portion of chips or, if you prefer not to consume too many calories, a bowl of fresh salad. On the contrary, if you are among the fans of the hamburger you can order your Great Dane with double of meat for only two euros more.

Your Great Dane awaits you in the kitchens of TOBY eats the world, C / Almirante Lobo 2, Seville.