TOBY eats the world Fashion!

In TOBY eats the world we are celebrating! The first garments of our TOBY Custom Clothes fashion line have already arrived.

A restaurant that launches a line of design and manufacture of garments?
That’s right, we are not crazy. Or maybe a little yes. The truth is that we always project that our business was beyond being a restaurant to use, and this is another line of business that goes hand in hand to serve exquisite dishes.

What kind of clothes will I find in TOBY Custom Clothes?
For now, we will launch a line of bags and sweatshirts customized with natural linen details of colorful ethnic prints. Although in our clothes there will be more than meets the eye.

We have designed garments commensurate with the values ​​of our brand and that will facilitate the day to day of young and dynamic people who usually have pets, transport themselves by bike and spend time outdoors, both in the city and in the countryside.

How can a garment facilitate my day to day?
Although we are advancing events and soon we will have prepared the advertising and the instructions of use so that everyone can know them better, we can advance that our sweatshirts hide numerous gadgets with diverse and fun functions.

These functions range from a discreet glasses, reflective fabrics to be seen when you travel by bike, a support for your pet’s hygiene bags and even an anti-theft system for your bag or backpack.

If you are curious about these new items, they will be available in different sizes at our premises in C / Almirante Lobo 2 Sevilla. If you come for lunch or dinner one day, ask our room staff for them and see how original they are with your own eyes.

And this is just the beginning. We continue to devise more follies …

See you soon in TOBY eats the world!