Streets and clean beaches

Now that we dive into the holiday period, we take advantage of a campaign by the Seville municipal cleaning company LIPASAM to remind everyone of the importance of keeping streets and beaches clean if you are going to enjoy a few days of sightseeing with your pet to any city or beach in the city. National territory.

Faeces in the streets can be a problem if we do not collect the waste promptly. It is estimated that 70% of the population with pets, go for a walk with their dog every day and that 70%, 30% do not pick up the physiological waste that your pet discards leaving in exposure of rain, wind and sun the feces and causing a contamination that can be worrisome.

Have you ever wondered what happens with the feces that people leave on the street and in what way affects us all?

Imagine the example of not picking up the excrement of a 15-kilogram dog that evacuates about 600 grams of excrement per day, a total of 18 kilos per month. What would happen to all those feces?

  • From the moment an irresponsible owner leaves in parks, streets or gardens the problem begins, bad smell, the flies begin to gather, possible accidents when stepping on them, etc.
  • After a day that the feces were left on the street, there are two possibilities, the first that the sun solidifies the feces, turning them into dust and making it easier for the wind to take them to several places and two that the humidity or rain dissolve the feces allowing them to disperse, both cases contaminate water, food exposed to the weather and the air that is breathed by other living beings including the human being.

    The solution is very simple and known:

    • If you are going to take your pet for a walk, be sure to carry bags to collect your stool, remember that walking or physical activity stimulates the bowel, therefore also the need to defecate your pet.
    • Prevent your dog from urinating or defecating near sources of drinking water, playgrounds, or any place susceptible to infecting children and adults.
    • If you see people leaving their pets’ physiological waste on the street, invite them to pick them up nicely, if you do not have a bag, give them one and tell them where to throw them.
    • Remember that small attributions make great changes, the change is in ourselves, contributing a little to society is everyone’s job, changing pollution rates is a big step to eradicate with the problem of feces in the streets and by therefore, health problems in society.
      Be an owner and responsible citizen, help to have a clean and healthy world for yours.

      If you travel to any beach or city this summer, keep your pet’s healthy waste collection habits. We all want to have our towns, beaches and cities as clean and healthy as possible.