The universe TOBY eats the world

TOBY eats the world  is a much broader concept than the name of a new and excellent restaurant.

Although the brand has decided to start its journey by launching this initiative of the hospitality sector that required a significant economic and human effort, TOBY eats the world is born with a multitude of projects and lines of business who wait for the right moment for its start-up.

One of these lines, twinned with the restaurant, has already seen the light: our Pale Ale craft brewing Pedigree, which today can already be purchased to accompany your lunch or dinner.

But over time there will be much more, like the project we are preparing for a line of clothing for pet owners, accessories for our four-legged friends, decoration accessories, children’s comics and we study the future expansion of the restaurant and, ultimately, the universe TOBY eats the world.We also have ideas for solidarity actions and visualization in consensus with organizations related to the reception of animals and where we want to contribute our bit by studying various forms of collaboration.In short, although we still have a lot of work to do, we hope that our enthusiasm and our preparation will help us overcome the obstacles that the road wants to put in front of us.So, while our brand is getting stronger and our beloved pet is preparing to eat the world, we recommend that you continue enjoying our great cuisine at our local Almirante Lobo 2 street, Seville.See you soon!