TOBY Custom Clothes secrets

For our rejoicing, the first clothes of our new brand TOBY Custom Clothes are having a great welcome, and that we had not yet had to explain to the public the secrets that can hide a simple sweatshirt.

To facilitate the understanding, we will list some of the surprises that our sweatshirts keep and with which you could walk your dog without using your hands or having a comfortable anti-theft for your bag or backpack. Let’s see some more:

Comfortable Portagafas
Roll & Go system, which allows your garment to be collected to occupy the minimum space or to serve as a pillow on a trip by car, train, plane …
Large pocket with striking design
Reflective strip for cyclists that helps you look better when you move by bike.
Multi-purpose carabiner for your pet, as an anti-theft and everything you can think of.
Belt tape
Tape for hygienic bags.
In the graphic that accompanies this article you can see clearly and schematically all the gadgets and functionalities that one of our garments keeps.

If you are curious and want to know more about our clothes, you can come to our premises on Calle Almirante Lobo 2, Seville, and see them live.

See you soon!

TOBY eats the world