The first Pet friendly restaurant in Seville

We are proud to be the first PET FRIENDLY restaurant in the city. Any client can come with a pet, to which we will receive with open arms and a special gift for our four-legged friends, everything is said. We admit pets Being a “Pet Friendly” space is a bet that the direction of TOBY eats the world was very clear since the first ideas of how the concept of the new restaurant was scored. TOBY eats the world is the first “Pet friendly” restaurant in the city and the client who wishes may come with his pet. To do this, the space has been thoroughly studied, distributed and equipped to ensure the well-being of all diners and their pets. Our intention is that all customers, with or without pets, and all pets live in perfect harmony within our restaurant. With this intention, we make a series of recommendations: If your pet is nervous, sick or susceptible it may be preferable that you visit us another day. When you sit down to eat, try that your pet does not interrupt the passage of the staff or bother other tables. If unexpectedly, your pet bothers or becomes aggressive, try to reassure her as soon as possible. If your pet is missing any of their needs, notify the staff as soon as possible. Visit us with your faithful friend. We will be happy to assist you in C / Almirante Lobo 2, in front of the Torre del Oro.