The big family of friends of TOBY

Hundreds of friends from TOBY have come to visit us. And we are not referring only to our great customers, but to the nice furry people who accompany them.

We are very satisfied with the wonderful reception of our restaurant among the lovers of pets and the general public.

We opened our business by providing an alternative to a sector of the population that we felt needed to be addressed, but the response has been really wonderful, and we are very grateful </ strong>.

Not a day goes by without our place being full of customers with their small animal family that we try to treat with the best of our attention. And, although we do not want to sin immodesty, we are doing something right between everyone because we do not stop receiving positive reviews and appear in print and digital media.

And all this in just a month and a half. It’s really amazing </ strong>.

We take this post to tell you that we are still preparing news, that will be unveiled in due time and that we believe will also be of interest to our customers. In the meantime, we will be delighted to continue attending you at our premises in C / Almirante Lobo 2 Sevilla.

See you soon !, or as our beloved pet TOBY would say: Wow!

P.D1: Any day in our restaurant: </ strong>

Así es Toby Eats The World Sevilla

Si aún no has estado en Toby Sevilla y quieres echar un ojo aquí tienes este corto aunque mejor ven a conocerlo tu mismo, con o sin peludo !!H A M B U R G U E S A S III B U R R I T Z Z A S III E N S A L A D A S ..P E R F E C T O P L A N P A R A E L F I N D E ! !

Gepostet von TOBY eats the world am Sonntag, 11. März 2018

P.D. 2: We love pets, but look at this series of rules for everyone’s comfort: </ strong>

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