Protect your pet from the cold

Protect your pet from the cold

Our four-legged friends have a layer of hair that protects them from low temperatures, but if conditions become harsh, sometimes it’s not enough to protect your pet from the cold.

Remember that the furry live at ground level where the colder air is concentrated than when it is more dense than the warm one is located in the lower areas.

It is also common sense that if your pet is short and thin hair is more likely to feel cold than another long and lush hair.

We list here a series of simple recommendations to protect your pet from the cold:

Take care of your health

Condition its rest area, add blankets that avoid direct contact with the ground and take care of your diet. Also check that, if your bowl of water is outdoors, do not freeze.

In puppies and older or convalescent pets it is very important to maintain a pleasant temperature around them, in order to avoid colds or worsen conditions such as arthritis.

Avoid cutting its hair when the harsh part of winter is coming and if your veterinarian deems it advisable, add vitamins or supplements to your diet.


If you notice that when you go out to the street, your pet shivers, consider purchasing specialized clothes that you will find in any pet store. If you go to the snow, it is also advisable to protect the pads from their legs.


When you shower your furry in the winter, do it with warm water and condition the temperature of the room. Remember to dry it well before leaving.

A good tip is to trim the hair around the hooves to keep it from getting wet from water or snow.


Better by day, but if you are forced to take a walk at night, try to make short trips.

And finally and very important, at the least symptom of discomfort that you detect, go to your veterinarian.
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