• ensaladas

    Rich salads!!!

    The heat has arrived and what better way to combat it than with fresh, fun, tasty dishes full of nutritional benefits such as salads. A salad always feels good to

  • Torre de la Plata

    The Monumental Seville around TOBY eats the world: Torre de la Plata.

    Less than 200 meters from the Torre del Oro, you will find the most unknown Torre de la Plata. The Torre de la Plata is an octagonal tower built in

  • Novedad TOBY eats the world

    New specialty in TOBY eats the world

    You already know that in TOBY eats the world we do not stop searching and researching innovations that keep the spirit of our brand fresh and renewed. It’s our idiosyncrasy,

  • TOBY eats the world

    Toby eats the world

    This black-eyed rogue is TOBY. Yes, that TOBY … The hairy one that gives name to our restaurant and appears in our advertising. The same that strutting down the street

  • Streets and clean beaches

    Now that we dive into the holiday period, we take advantage of a campaign by the Seville municipal cleaning company LIPASAM to remind everyone of the importance of keeping streets

  • ¡Ándale, qué burritzzas, mamma mía!

    TOBY eats the world is the only place in the world that serves BURRITZZAS: The perfect combination between burrito and pizza. What is a burritza? A burritzza is a dish

  • Carta TOBY eats the world

    We have renewed menu in TOBY eats the world!

    Hello to all friends of TOBY eats the world! We have an update of the menu that we would like to inform you about. Our family grows as the months

  • Monumental Seville around TOBY eats the world: Torre del Oro.

    Although there are many native customers who visit our restaurant and know more or less deeply the most important monuments of their city, there are a lot visitors from outside

  • Ace poker

    Beware of this ace poker! If you have already visited TOBY eats the world you will have checked the extraordinary quality of any of our burgers. If you have not

  • Abadonment is not an option

    Summer is coming, with its wonderful positive things: good temperature, longer days, vacations, sun and beach or mountain. Forgive us that we get a little serious, but it is unfortunately,