Abadonment is not an option

Summer is coming, with its wonderful positive things: good temperature, longer days, vacations, sun and beach or mountain.

Forgive us that we get a little serious, but it is unfortunately, it is also in summer when the numbers of pet abandonment increase the most. This type of human behavior touches us deeply.

Although we can be happy because since 2008 there is a decrease in the number of dogs and cats collected by protective societies in our country, unfortunately it is still a very moderate decline.

According to the Abandonment and Adoption Study of the Affinity Foundation, only in 2017 more than 137,000 pets were abandoned. A very high number according to our point of view.

This study also reflects that an important part of companion animals that arrive at a shelter does not really correspond to abandonment, but probably to a loss. In fact, 20.4% of animals collected in shelters and shelters could return home thanks to being identified, so it is essential that your dogs and cats are properly identified by microchip to locate their owners.

Among the causes alleged by people who leave their pets to their fate highlights, according to the study presented, the birth of unwanted litters (which could be solved with sterilization), the behavior of the animal or the end of the hunting season .

Of the total pet animals collected by the protectors in 2016, only 45% were adopted by other people, 16% of the total were identified and returned to their owners, 12% still living in facilities of protective entities and 7% They were sacrificed.

From TOBY eats the world we would like that abandonment was never an option in any of your minds.

If for any reason you could not take care of your pet, we beg you to use any route to find a new family to take care of it. Today with the internet and social networks it is all much easier in this sense.

We beg you, do not abandon him.